Initial Commit

This is my first ‘official’ blog entry. I have started various blogs in the past and then fallen off the writing train after a couple of days. Partially it’s a motivation issue and partially a time issue. Between working a full day, keeping up a family, a house, exercising, studying, etc., it can seem like a pretty daunting task to write something that almost no one is going to read.

However, this time is going through to be different. It has to be. I have a little new jellybean on the way (due in March 🎉) and I have too much going on both personally and professionally to not make a commitment to improve myself.

I do believe that the Standard Notes concept has some amazing potential, which is why I have decided to use this platform. It’s lightweight, easy to use, integrates to both my MacBook and my iPhone (where I have written the majority of this post) and for the most part, is pretty easy to use. More importantly, everything is encrypted and private, unless I tell it otherwise; like I did with this blog post. I do software installations and configurations all day long. So having the ability to just write is very helpful.

Ok. Enough for today. I have rambled long enough.

#100Days #Day1

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